Fiesta Mayor

Fiesta Mayor in Sitges


From the earliest times, men have felt the need to avail themselves of the protection of a superior being. The parish and the town of Sitges were no less and took advantage of the protection of Santa Tecla, protection that in the middle of the sixteenth century happened to be shared with that of San Bartolomé. For this reason, Sitges celebrates today two Major Holidays a year: one, the Grande, in honor of St. Bartholomew, on August 24, and another, Little, in honor of Santa Tecla, on September 23.

Both parties last for several days and feature fireworks, processions with giants and big heads, popular dances, etc. Nevertheless, the Major Festival of Sitges that is celebrated at the end of August is the most important, and it is one of the events of the year that greater influx of visitors attracts Sitges. Its continued celebration over the years has contributed to the fact that it has even been declared a National Interest Party by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Every year the City Council of Sitges publishes the program of the Major Festival of Sitges Grande and the Festival of Sitges Pequeña on its website. In the case of the Festival Mayor of Sitges Grande, this program is usually as follows:

  • 19 of August: Promenade of Fiesta Mayor, proclamation of the pubilles of the Prado and the Carousel (in the gardens of the Casino Prado).

  • August 20: Reading of the Satirical Proclamation of Fiesta Mayor and presentation of the Pubilla of the Agrupació de Balls Populars de Sitges (in the Palace of the King Moro).

  • August 21: exhibition of the Image of St. Bartholomew from the morning until the time of the Civic Procession the next day.

  • August 22: appetizer of Fiesta Mayor (in the Ateneo Popular of Sitges). Passacalles by Sitges, with the route: Baluard, Town Hall Square, Main Street, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Marquès de Montroig, Plaza Industria, Primero de Mayo (Calle del Pecado). Concert on the Paseo de la Ribera.

  • August 23: performance of "Castellers" in the Cap de la Vila. Procession of giants and cabezudos, devils, the dragon and the eagle, popular dances, etc., through the streets of Sitges and Paseo de la Ribera. Fireworks at night, and again procession upon completion. Sardanas and verbena of Fiesta Mayor, with concert in the Walk.

  • 24 of August: morning procession (at 6:00 h.). Religious service in honor of St. Bartholomew and Castilian exhibition. Last dances of the beasts of fire and the giants and big heads.

  • August 25: theater, concerts and popular dances.

  • August 26: Sardinian closing party and acts on the beach of San Sebastián, with games of pyrotechnics.

  • August 27th: performance of Castilian Major Festival in the Town Hall square.

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