Lounge Formentera


Cocktail Appetizer

The aperitif will be offered in the Terrace Zone enabled for this purpose, in good weather or, if not, it would move to one of our lounges. The Appetizer is broken down into the menus you can see below, and there is also the possibility of surprising your guests with a different service, and hire "Thematic Tastings" as a complement to the Cocktail. For example: Buffet of Iberian Ham cut to the moment, accompanied by chapata bread with tomato and virgin olive oil, Cheese Buffet, Japanese Buffet ...


We have three different menus for adults, as well as the children's menu. Likewise, we offer special menus for guests in the event that a guest requires a menu with special needs, such as menus for celiacs, or any other food intolerance ... In the case of the contracting of special menus, With a minimum term of fifteen days before the event. In the breakdown of the Menus, it is detailed the list of services that are included in the facilitated price, VAT included. Prices are set for a minimum of eighty adult diners, for fewer diners, consult. Also, we recommend you check our discounts in case the Banquet is held on Friday or Sunday.

Menu Test

For the correct choice of its menu, our Hotel invites you to a three-course tasting of each group - entrees, first, second, pre-dessert and bridal cake - with possibility to select dishes from different menus. This tasting menu will be made with an anticipation between two and three months approximately, to the date of the banquet. This date will be fixed between both parties, being possible every day except Saturday lunch (exceptionally it could be done if it was at 13:00 Hours), and Sunday lunch. The test will be done for six people, except for celebrations of less than fifty adult diners, that would be realized only for two (02) people. That same day they will be able to confirm the color of the table cloths and to solve several doubts on the matter. At the end of your choice, we will document you in writing the services requested, as well as the description of the menu chosen.